The UK Opportunity

The UK is an important market for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. The latest figures suggest it is the third fastest growing market in the world and coupled with the fifth biggest installed base of machines. It is an important market that your business cannot afford to ignore both for new sales and upgrades on technology.

The UK has a rich heritage in the space. Our market development strategy, aimed at three distinct groups: Evaluators, Adopters and Optimisers, will maintain and grow the population of engineers who are educated and ready to make serious purchase decisions about adopting the technology.

Why the UK Market is Key to Your Business

The UK is a unique market because of its physical location and long history of industrial manufacturing. Launched at TCT Show 2017, the Additive Manufacturing UK National Strategy outlined the key strategies and aims to develop greater business and opportunities through to 2025 including:

• Support for up-scaled collaborative and private R&D programmes across the entire Technology Readiness Level range.
• Investment in upskilling the workforce through Knowledge Transfers and education programmes.
• Business support and supply chain development through capital grants.
• UK AM market to be worth £3.5bn by 2025.

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Birmingham: The Heart of Manufacturing

Many of the world’s largest manufacturers are located in the Birmingham area, including: Jaguar Land Rover, JCB, Toyota, Bombardier, Caterpillar, Alstom, 3M, Boeing, Astra Zeneca and Rolls Royce maintaining the areas reputation as the ‘Workshop of the World’ and guaranteeing that manufacturing expertise and innovation continues to be found in the region.

The history of manufacturing excellence around Birmingham, combined with world-class air, rail and road links makes the NEC the perfect home for TCT 3Sixty. An increasing number of international exhibitors and attendees make their way to the event to see the latest innovations, authoritative speakers and make business happen. Air, road, and rail provide a gateway to 400 million people across Europe.
Getting to TCT 3Sixty
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