Why Exhibit at TCT 3Sixty

Whether you’re an established market leader or a start-up looking to break into the industry, TCT 3Sixty puts your business at the heart of the world's fifth largest additive manufacturing and 3D printing market, the UK is a powerhouse in AM and if you want to reach this market then TCT 3Sixty is the place to do that.

TCT 3Sixty is focused on developing an in-depth understanding of the potential of additive manufacturing and 3D printing across industries. This 360-degree understanding of industry needs will increase visitors’ readiness to purchase and, ultimately, improve the quality of your leads.

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Benefits of Exhibiting at TCT 3Sixty

The UK is an important market for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. The latest figures suggest it is the third fastest growing market in the world and coupled with the fifth biggest installed base of machines. It is an important market that your business cannot afford to ignore both for new sales and upgrades on technology. 

TCT 3Sixty creates an exciting, engaging and useful experience for the prospective visitor, leading to more of them attending for longer and offering you, the exhibitor, greater commercial opportunities.


Generate New Business
Generate New Business
With over 10,000 key prospects in attendance, there is simply no better way to increase leads and sales – no other event delivers this concentration of visitors over a couple of days. As an exhibitor, you'll get access to the event hub to download your leads.
Raise Brand Awareness
Raise Brand Awareness
Exhibiting at TCT 3Sixty can win your business valuable mindshare and give your sales and business development teams the edge they need when prospecting new business. Being part of TCT 3Sixty gets you noticed!
Accelerate Your Product Launch
Accelerate Your Product Launch
TCT 3Sixty benefits from huge amounts of media and press coverage before, during and after the event. No other show has a global media portfolio that can support you like TCT 3Sixty.
Live Demonstrations
Live Demonstrations
When evaluating complex, high-cost and mission critical technologies and services there is no substitute for getting hands-on with the kit – prospects can only do this at trade shows if you are on the show floor.
Make Connections
Make Connections
By exhibiting at TCT 3Sixty you have at least 200 exhibitors who are potential new collaborators to meet and discuss new business opportunities and generate new revenue streams, and that’s before the doors open to visitors!
Marketing Support
Marketing Support
At TCT 3Sixty we are proud to offer all our exhibitors additional marketing support to ensure they maximise their return on investment.
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TCT 3Sixty Visitors

We have identified three key groups of attendees, defined by where they are on the adoption path: Evaluators, Adopters and Optimisers. The content and programme at TCT 3Sixty will be uniquely curated so that at the event each of these groups has sessions specific to their needs.

At the very start of the buying chain.

These companies are at the evaluation stage of whether additive manufacturing technology is something that their business could adopt.

Have a requirement for the technology.

Their challenge now is to evaluate the market and choose the right technology to invest in.

Owns equipment but are under-utilising it.

This group may be looking to learn how best to increase usage of their equipment. They may be looking to buy additional machines or new technologies to increase adoption across their enterprise.

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