Why Exhibit at TCT 3Sixty

TCT 3Sixty is the perfect platform to showcase your technology, innovations and expertise to key buyers.

At  TCT 3Sixty you will find decision makers from companies such as Airbus, Siemens Energy, Renishaw, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, Natural History Museum, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Royal Navy, Dyson, JCB, Aston Martin, Williams Racing, Royal Airforce, Logitech, Diageo, Dr Martens, Angel Trains, Morrisons, and GKN Aerospace all keen to source new technology, meet potential suppliers and build strong business partnerships.

Whether you’re an established market leader or a start-up looking to break into the industry, TCT 3Sixty puts your business at the heart of UK's additive manufacturing and 3D printing market.
Purchasing Power
Don't have an AM machine
Lead Generation Made Easy

Whatever your target market, we attract key buyers from the world's biggest companies across sectors, from aerospace and automotive to medical and consumer.

They all come to TCT 3Sixty to find new suppliers, technology and knowledge. This is your chance to build your pipeline and generate new leads.

Through our new Event Hub, you'll be able to send meeting invitations to new prospects and talk ahead of the event. They will also be given personalised exhibitor and product recommendations, so make sure your online company profile is up to date to avoid missing any leads.

Making the most of your investment at TCT 3Sixty just got a lot easier with our new enhanced app.You simply scan a lead’s badge and make notes against their profile, which you can then access through the app or downloada full report instantly.

Benefits of Exhibiting at TCT 3Sixty

The UK is an important market for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. The latest figures suggest it is the third fastest growing market in the world and coupled with the fifth biggest installed base of machines. It is an important market that your business cannot afford to ignore both for new sales and upgrades on technology. 

TCT 3Sixty creates an exciting, engaging and useful experience for the prospective visitor, leading to more of them attending for longer and offering you, the exhibitor, greater commercial opportunities.


Generate New Business
Generate New Business
With 5,000+ relevant attendees, there is no better way to increase leads and sales. What’s more, our new app and event hub empowers you to set up meetings with prospects in adavance and get instant access to your leads onsite.
Raise Brand Awareness
Raise Brand Awareness
Exhibiting at TCT 3Sixty can win mindshare and make sure your sales and business development teams have the edge they need when prospecting new business. Being part of TCT 3Sixty gets you noticed!
Accelerate Your Launch
Accelerate Your Launch
Launching your product/service at TCT 3Sixty ensures all eyes are on you. Our portfolio of publications, digital newsletters, podcasts, news sites & social channels provides coverage of the event year-round. No other event has a global media portfolio that can support you like TCT can.
Live Demonstrations
Live Demonstrations
When evaluating complex, high cost and mission critical technologies and services there is no substitute for getting hands-on with the kit – prospects can only do this at trade shows if you are on the show floor.
Increase Customer Retention
Increase Customer Retention
Once you’ve got a customer you need to work hard to keep them. TCT 3Sixty is a great place to do a year’s worth of business in two days, meeting with existing customers face-to-face in one place with your products and solutions on show.
Grow Your Market Share
Grow Your Market Share
TCT 3Sixty has key buyers and influencers from multiple industrial and manufacturing sectors so make sure your sales team are in position to have conversations with the next generation of customers that will drive your business forward. If you don’t speak to them at Interplas, your competitors will!

TCT 3Sixty Visitors

We have identified three key groups of attendees, defined by where they are on the adoption path: Evaluators, Adopters and Optimisers. The content and programme at TCT 3Sixty will be uniquely curated so that at the event each of these groups has sessions specific to their needs.

At the very start of the buying chain.

These companies are at the evaluation stage of whether additive manufacturing technology is something that their business could adopt.

Have a requirement for the technology.

Their challenge now is to evaluate the market and choose the right technology to invest in.

Owns equipment but are under-utilising it.

This group may be looking to learn how best to increase usage of their equipment. They may be looking to buy additional machines or new technologies to increase adoption across their enterprise.

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